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Redskins vs Rams


Morgan Minyard

Staff writer

On Oct. 16, the Washington Redskins travelled to the Edward Jones Dome in Missouri to play the St. Louis Rams. After falling 18-16 in Week 3 to the Dallas Cowboys on Sept. 26 the Redskins were looking to redeem themselves against the Rams.

The Redskins had four goals going into the game against St. Louis; these four goals were: “ground it out,” “in the red,” “stop the run,” and “bank on it.”

“Ground it Out” The Redskins knew they were lining up against one of the worst run defenses in the NFL: the St. Louis Rams. The Redskins were eager to re-establish the run game against St. Louis.

“In the Red” Last year, when the Redskins lost to the Rams 30-16 in St. Louis the offense was 0-for-3 in red zone opportunities. This year, the Redskins are 3-of-10 in the red zone. Kyle Shanahan, offensive coordinator, said last week the key to red zone success is to avoid 3rd-and-long situations by picking up yardage on first and second down.

“Stop the Run” The Redskins goal during this game was to make the Rams one-dimensional so that they would rely on quarterback Sam Bradford, who has completed just 50.9 percent of his passes and has been sacked 11 times in three games.

“Bank on it” Wide receiver Brandon Banks has been pretty quiet so far this season.  He is one of the fans’ favorite players. Before the game the Redskins talked a lot about how they wanted to see Banks be able to explode onto the field after catching the ball. Banks has shown early flashes of his abilities to run the ball down the field this season, but he has not been able to break loose since a 35-yard punt return in Week 1.

Santana Moss started the game off right by catching a 6 yard pass from Grossman for a touchdown. Then Torain ran the ball for 20 yards, which gave Gano the chance to kick a 38 yard field goal to make the score 14-0. Going into half time the score was 14-0 and then late in the fourth quarter the Rams began to rally but still fell short. The revealing moment during the game was when the Redskins led St. Louis 17-10 late in the fourth quarter, but Rex Grossman had thrown an interception to middle linebacker James Laurinaitis, luckily that mistake did not cost the Redskins the game.

The Redskins were ultimately able to redeem themselves against the Rams with a score of 17-10. Despite the fourth quarter rally of the Rams the Redskins were able to snag the victory. The 17-10 win improves the Redskins’ record to 3-1 heading into their bye week.

RC Redskins fans were also very enthusiastic about the big win as well.

“It was a really good game, got a little worried toward the end with the Rams interception. But I’m really glad the skins won. 3-1, we better keep it up!” Sarah Morton ’12 said.

“I’m so happy they pulled through and won!” Madison Murphy ’14 said. “I thought our defense played very well the entire game and our offense needs a little work but we looked good.”

Their next game will be on Oct. 16 at FedEx Field against their NFC East rivals the Philadelphia Eagles. The Redskins will certainly be out for revenge since the last time they played the Eagles they suffered a major blow losing to them 59-28.