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Small towns will make you big


Kaitlyn Bell

Staff writer

As most know, college can be a time of self-discovery, especially in determining what career path to take. This begs the big question; “Where will I work?” Many will answer with the name of a big city or well-known town that has a great foundation as well as some of the best job opportunities throughout the country.

Although well-known areas are wonderful places to consider starting a career after your college years have been completed, it might be beneficial to consider some small towns throughout the United States. There are many occupations to discover, and the opportunities are endless, but they may be found in the most unexpected places.

This list of cities begins with Lebanon, New Hampshire where, in the past few years, the hiring rate has drastically increased. Lebanon is the home of Dartmouth College as well as several retail businesses.

Enid, Oklahoma is a small town, flourishing with possibilities, which few have heard of. It has one of the largest productions of wheat, causing agriculture is a main priority to this area. Enid also has an Air Force base as well as successful production in the oil and gas industries.

Carlsbad-Artesia, New Mexico has several opportunities in business as well. The town’s strong economy has given it a possibility to repopulate and a chance to decrease the unemployment rate in the area. There are more jobs popping up here and there as oil drilling and salt mines gain momentum.

For those interested in criminal justice or law, McAlester, Oklahoma is home to the largest state penitentiary which has increased greatly since 2001 due to it being the only maximum security prison in the state.   The town also has an ever increasing hotel industry and is currently the home of 23 different hotels.

If a career in security is not on your list of future jobs, there are more possibilities in Lexington Park, Maryland. The state of Maryland has imposed incentives for starting businesses in town to hell the area to flourish. This could be a great opportunity for any students seeking to start their own business. There are also jobs constantly cropping up at the Patuxent Naval Air Base.

Along with these career and job opportunities, there are a plethora of other ones. Although you may expect that the golden opportunity exists in a hustling and bustling city, it may be time to reconsider this and check out some areas throughout America with great new possibilities.