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Dorm trick-or-treating


Lauren Halbeisen

Staff writer

Halloween is just around the corner and while college students are preparing to go out on the weekend to have fun, children around Salem will be visiting RC to go trick-or-treating in the dorms.

Every year some of the RC dorms are opened to the community to, “bring their little ghosts and goblins through our halls to trick or treat,” Nicole Lenez, Area Coordinator for the Market Street complex said.  “The kids absolutely love it year after year!”

This year the event took place on Thursday night.  The halls that were selected were chosen based on ease of navigation and location: Crawford, Bartlett, Smith, Marion, Shenandoah, Tabor, & Blue Ridge.

All students were invited to go to any of these halls and hang in a friend’s room or a lounge and pass out candy. The Salem Community Council also hosted a “Halloween Party” for the children with face painting, cupcakes, pumpkin decorating, and other activities on the front quad of the Market Street complex.

This fun activity took place last year and was very successful. Some of the students who do it say that it is well worth the time.

“I think it’s nice. I did it last year. I just hope the kids don’t see bad stuff,” said Emily Leimbach ’14.

Trick-or-treating in the dorms helps to give everyone a sense of community. Not only do the children get to dress up, but the hope is that students can have just as much fun with it also.