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Footloose is on beat with audiences and critics alike


Morgan Minyard

Staff writer

“Footloose” danced its way into theaters on October 14 and has received a very positive response. Although most people are normally skeptical of remakes, critics and audiences both seem to agree that the re-creation of the 1984 Kevin Bacon movie is a hit. The movie has grossed over $10.4 million dollars so far.

Lisa Schwarzbaum, of Entertainment Weekly gave the film an A-. She praised the performance of Wormald commenting that he “handily owns the role for a new audience” and closed her review saying, “Guardians of the ’80s flame will approve of the production’s sincere respect for the original; church still matters, and so do Ariel’s red cowboy boots”.

The remake stays close to the original plot of the movie. The older members of the community of the little town of Bomont, Georgia have banned dancing, loud music, and other sources of fun due to a fatal car accident involving five of Bomont’s highschool senior students. Among the deceased is the only son of the Rev. Shaw Moore played by Dennis Quaid, who also has a daughter, named Ariel played by Julianne Hough.

Three years after the accident the town is still on lock down mode, and Ren played by Kenny Wormald moves from Boston to Bomont to live with his aunt and uncle. Ren is used to dancing and having a good time while playing his music loud, but that all changes once he moves to Bomont. He soon realizes that Bomont does not mess around with its new rules and regulations on music and dancing for teens.

After living in Bomont for a while Ren meets Ariel. They become friends and they sneak around to dance, and soon become love interests. Since Ren and Ariel both like to dance they come up with a petition for the county of Bomont to permit dancing. The county denies their petition, but Bomont high school does hold a prom in the county over, where the students are legalized to dance.

Overall the entire movie is fun to watch and the music in this “Footloose” is very upbeat and more varied than the original, with some blues, country, and some metal mixed in with the peppy dance tunes. It is easy to settle down and get into the rhythm of this movie.  The movie was not only super cute, it was actually really funny as well.