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Four fall TV fatalities


Madhura Chitnavis

Staff writer

It’s only October, yet, the fall television season has already claimed four fatalities.  Among this season’s canceled shows are NBC’s The Playboy Club, ABC’s Charlie’s Angels, NBC’s Free Agents, and CBS’s How to be a Gentleman.

The first to be plucked off air was The Playboy Club, the sultry drama about the 1960s origins of the controversial club.  Not only did it cause much controversy, it also lacked the ratings that it needed to stay afloat in the competitive world that is television.  After receiving a poor 1.2 rating in the 18 to 49 television audience for the third episode, NBC took the show off air, filling its Monday night timeslot with reruns of Prime Suspect.

NBC had yet another fatality for the fall season in Free Agents.  The comedy about two love-sick coworkers falling awkwardly in love scored even lower ratings than The Playboy Club for its last episode.  The Wednesday night timeslot is now filled with reruns of Whitney.

While NBC has had the most cancellations so far, ABC is by no means immune to low show ratings.  In fact, just last week, the highly advertised show, Charlie’s Angels was canceled by ABC due to a low 1.3 rating from the always important 18 to 49 demographic.  Although ABC is still showing the remaining episodes, viewers can expect to be saying goodbye to these angels very soon.

Finally, although CBS’s How to be a Gentleman is not officially canceled, it might as well be.  The ratings for this particular show have gone down to 2.5, which compared to the above shows, isn’t that bad, but compared to CBS hits like NCIS, 2 Broke Girls, and The Big Bang Theory, actually is.  Furthermore, CBS has halted the production of future episodes, so it is just a matter of time before How to be a Gentleman is officially off air.

So, given that two major shows that involve sexy women are canceled, what does this mean for the future of fall television?  Well, it means that essentially, TV audiences can expect less sexy women and more funny women.  The general trend this season shows that comedies with female leads are the way to go.  Take NBC’s Up All Night or CBS’s 2 Broke Girls, for example:  these are the kinds of shows that are thriving and incredibly popular for today’s demographic.