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Game review: Battlefield 3


Nathaniel Rioux

Staff writer

“Battlefield 3” was posed to be one of the top contenders for this year’s game of the year and they did nothing short of delivering on that promise. With a few technical issues sprinkled throughout the game, one can still, even with these issues, have an enjoyable time playing this game.

Released by EA and developed by Dice Studios, “Battlefield 3” attempted to set itself apart from other fast paced shooters out on the market today. One way they did this was paying more attention to detail in the various environments you play in; overall the various maps and places the players fight in are nothing short of impressive. Every little detail is presented to you in high resolution and nothing was left out of the game. No better is this attention to detail shown than in the single player mode. As an example, headlights from cars will actual blind your vision if you stare at them for long, making firefights, in even the easiest setting, much more challenging.

The story in itself is quite fun to play and is a huge improvement over “Battlefield 2”.
Now this is where the game falters in the single player mode; at some times it seemed almost forceful yet other times the game forces you to do things you may have not considered and can be rather tedious, but overall the story flowed well and was a joy to play.

Multiplayer is a blast to play and is probably the best thing about the game. Using the unlock system from previous games players can play a style of person that they want to be. For example, players can be the engineer class and fix tanks. In this way, players can level up and gain experience not just from a simple run and gun style of multiplayer that most players are used to. Along with a co-op mode most players will find most of their playtime in multiplayer and they will be rewarded greatly for it.

Even though “Battlefield 3” is offered on the most popular consoles, there are some issues with the PC version that most would consider a major fault of the game. The biggest issue on the PC version would be the integration of their social media site called Battleog. Battlelog was introduced in one of the trailers before the game hit stores and many gamers are complaining greatly about it. The concept is that players can track stats and achievements through a Facebook like site. The issue with this is everything about the game revolves around this site. In fact in order to play the game, even the single player, one must have an active internet connection all the time. This at times makes simple things such as selecting a sever to play in slow and aggravating. The best way to describe this process is using Google to select a website. But only a few people can access a website at a time. Other technical issues like a lack of voice communication built into the game makes the overall experience on the PC during a multiplayer match to be an almost lonely experience.

My overall impressions with the game would be a high level of excitement followed by disappointment and frustration. Even though the single player campaign makes you want to not stop playing, the multiplayer turns out to be a disappointment. Battlelog seemed like a good idea at first, but making it control everything about the game was not necessary. I give it an 8.5 out of 10 for these reasons.