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Maggie Christ

Sports editor

There is more to Roanoke College athletics than just the varsity teams.  The Jocks in Bras along with about 40 other intramural flag football teams can vouch for that.

These 11 girls competed in an intercollegiate intramural regional competition last year.  Unfortunately, they are not able to attend again this year, but are still out on the turf each week showing off their skills and having fun.

“Our team is very laid back,” Sara Caudle ’12 said. “It’s just a good time to go out there and play with them.”

This fall semester there are intramural flag football and indoor soccer.  In past years, badminton was offered as well, but there wasn’t enough interest.  The spring semester offers basketball, indoor soccer and softball.  Games are scheduled Sundays through Thursdays at 9 and 10 pm all semester excluding midterm and exam weeks.

This year seems to be the biggest for flag football with over 40 teams, Bryan Ryberg, Director of Intramurals & Recreation explained.

“The only time we really get to all hang out together is when we play our flag footballs games. So, if it wasn’t for the games, we would never be able to spend time together because we all have so much going on,” Caudle said.

Intramural sports gives all students a chance to get active, make friends and play their favorite sports.  It is also a great way to try a new sport.

Ryberg and his staff work with Residence Life, promoting community by encouraging residence halls to build a team.

“It’s a great way to build a community and get to know your fellow residents,” Ryberg said.

Ryberg also encourages co-rec teams to make a slightly less competitive team.  This creates a less intimidating game and gives everyone a chance to play and compete. 

“You should definitely participate in intramurals at least once while you are at Roanoke,” Caudle said. “It is competitive, but you are still able to have a great time.”

There are many other competitions that occur indoors such as FIFA and Madden tournaments.  Prizes for can sometimes consist a professional jersey of the winner’s choice.

Some less competitive but just as much fun activities that are offered by the department are group fitness classes like Zumba, yoga and pilates.

Tyler Barnes ’14 teaches Zumba six times a week and yoga is offered by Debbie Stevens in Pickle Lounge both Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5pm. Renee Rauch offers pilates three times each week.  These activities do continue all semester, as participation can vary.

“Group fitness classes are still offered during midterm and exam weeks because students sometimes need a break and really like going,” Ryberg said.

 “I was able to make new friends. It’s just a great experience overall,” Caudle said.