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Cara Cooper

Editor in Chief

It’s been a busy week for several of Hollywood’s biggest star’s PR teams.  From a divorce, to a jail sentence, to a teen baby-daddy, here is the buzz in Hollywood this week.

It was just a mere 72 days ago when we all saw the wedding of the century.  No, not the Royal Wedding; America’s much sadder version with reality TV royalty, Kim Kardashian.  Yes, the reported 10 million dollar wedding saw Ms. K vowing her eternal love to New Jersey Net Kris Humphries, while also pulling in an impressive 18 mil from the E network to film every second of her wedded bliss.

However, someone really should have told Kim to never marry someone with the same name as your mother.  Better yet, someone really should have told her that you shouldn’t rush into a marriage just for the paycheck.  Kardashian ruined everyone’s Halloween by tweeting that she was ending her marriage.  Of course, like a true reality star, she chose to tell the world before actually telling her boo.  Humphries reportedly heard about the divorce on the radio.

With the divorce just eight weeks after the marriage, it has led many to speculate on the honesty of the wedding in the first place.  Kim has insisted she married for love, and she never banked any cash off of the wedding, but others across the country refuse to buy it.  No matter how this plays out, you can be guaranteed we’ll learn all the details on the new season of Kim’s sisters show, Kourtney and Khloe take New York. Definitely something to look forward to…

More super surprising news that no one saw coming – Lindsay Lohan is on her way back to jail.  Lohan violated her parole (again), meaning she must return to jail on November 9th to serve a 30 day sentence.  It is believed that she won’t serve the whole sentence due to overcrowding, so she will instead go back to doing more community service, as well as psycho-thereapy treatments.

If Lohan doesn’t complete her jail time, community service and therapy by March 29, she will be forced to serve 270 days in jail, which the judge promises she won’t be able to get out of.  Too bad she doesn’t have a long lost twin in England who could switch lives with her for the next couple of months.

It seems as if all of Hollywood is procreating lately.  Beyonce, Jessica Simpson and… Justin Bieber!

Yes, 20-year-old  Mariah Yeater is filing a lawsuit against the 17-year-old teen heartthrob wanting a paternity test for her three-month-old baby; a baby she claims is Justin’s.

Yeater reportedly met Justin last October backstage at one of his concerts, and said they had an instant connection. I’ll spare the details of their “fling”, but nine-months later Yeater had a little Justin on her hands.

Justin’s lawyers have called the claim “defamatory” and “maliciously false.”

The catch for Yeater is, if it is proven Bieber is the father, she could face further legal action from the state of California for statutory rape of the singer.  California’s age of consent is 18.  The hearing is set for later this month.  If true, Justin will have a new baby to sing about.