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Dear Sue,

I’m having trouble being single. I have gotten used to being around someone or being in a relationship and I am finding it difficult to adjust to the change.Is there anything I can do or ways that I can occupy myself so I won’t get so lonely?



Dear Helpless,

It is not uncommon to feel “alone” after being in a relationship.

Being single though should give you room to have time for yourself. Don’t look at the break up as a bad thing; look at as a chance to find yourself and figure out what you really want. There is no reason to just jump into a new relationship. Take this time to do things that you couldn’t before. Maybe learn to play an instrument, take up a language, read a book. Or just hang out with friends more. There are many things that you can do while being single and it is all in perspective.

It may take a while to get used to the change, but that is true with any big change in your life. Give it some time, eventually you will get used to it and it won’t feel so weird. Keep your chin up.

Best of Luck,

Sue Z. Maroon

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