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New game releases


Nathaniel Rioux

Staff writer

Well with Call of Duty 3 being released this week I figure I spend some time updating you gamers to the news from the video game world that you might have missed while you were playing:

First off we have news out of France. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, a truck full of 6,000 copies of Modern Warfare 3 was apparently stolen. Activision apparently is taken the incident seriously, saying that this is no laughing matter. No word on if the copies have been sold yet.

Next keeping up with our Call of Duty theme, according to USA Headlines, a man apparently obtained an early copy of Modern Warfare 3 days before the official midnight release. The man then turned around and sold the copy on eBay for a cheap price of a thousand dollars and some change. Asking the question is a game worth that much?

The Madden Curse has claimed yet another victim. In case you’re wondering why this is news, it is because of the unsetting trend that the Madden games has yet to break. The myth is that with ever since the box art of Madden games have featured a notable NFL player on them, whoever that player is proceeds to get injured the following season. And this past Sunday, Madden 12’s cover boy, Peyton Hill, sat on the sidelines injured for the third straight game. Behold the power of Video games!

Nexon expected to make a bid into the Tokyo Stock Market: It’s a fair statement that most of you have never heard of the company Nexon but most will hear them now. According to gamepolitics.com the company has an apparently IPO worth of 1.3 billion dollars. With free to play games such as Combat Arms and Maple Story some suggest that this company could change the way we play forever.

Wal-Mart gave us a preview of this Thursday on their upcoming black Friday deals and this year their focus seems to be more geared to gamers. This year some of the deals include a $199 Kinetic enabled Xbox 360 system, with a $50 game card included. Also they will have many top tier game titles on sale such as Battlefield 3 and Batman: Arkham City for half off.

That’s this week’s news update.