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Registration frustration for freshman


Madhura Chitnavis

Staff writer

Registration for Roanoke College’s Spring 2012 term is already under way, with most RC students having registered for classes this week.

Since RC’s class registration times are set up according to the number of credits attained, those with the most credits registered first. Most sophomores, juniors, and seniors have already registered for classes.  The one group that remains, however, is the freshmen class.

While most RC upperclassmen may find registration to be a fairly stress-free process, many freshmen students are worried about the entire process and getting the classes they want. With only so many introductory courses offered at certain times, it’s important for freshmen to know which classes they need to take this year in order to be on track with their major, especially since these introductory classes are prerequisites for higher-level courses.


“Well I’m concerned that I won’t get the times or professors that I want because I basically have to schedule my classes around Chinese 102, since that is offered in only one block,” said Tyler Quigley ’15.  “Plus, I really want to have an open schedule so I can do my work because it’s going to be hard this semester.  Registration is going to be difficult.”


“I am worried about registration, but I am hoping that registration will go smoothly,” said Brooke Conrad ’15.  “I really want to be able to get the schedule that I have planned out so far, but I am concerned about whether there will be enough slots open in the classes that I need and want to take.”


Another thing that is important to keep in mind for all students is that certain requirements are subject to change in the following academic year.  All changes made are updated in the Roanoke College online catalog, and it is important for all students to keep an eye out on the graduation requirements for their major to make sure they will be on track to graduate.   If a student has not declared a major by the time the changes are made, they will have to follow the newest list of requirements.