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CAB polls for upcoming artist


Scott Munley

Staff writer

With campus planning now in full swing, the Campus Activities Board has begun their focus on one of Roanoke’s biggest events of the year. The annual spring concert is a big budget, big name show that has had such notable artists as Kanye West, John Mayer, and the Plain White Tee’s all grace the school with their presence before. This year, CAB hopes to have a well-known up and coming artist play for us at the Roanoke Civic Center next semester, and we decide who it is.

An e-mail was sent out to all students on campus from CAB last week containing a poll with 7 artists, and asked whom the students would rather see. Included in the poll are: Mac Miller, Big Sean, Chiddy Bang, Far East Movement, Kings of Leon, Nickleback, and DEV. Courtney Cooper, the event planner who created the poll, said that she chose these artists based on who is usually heard at parties around campus and that appeal to a wide audience. Cooper also said that CAB wanted artists this year to be not “too famous or too underground”, providing us with up and comers like Mac Miller and Chiddy Bang, and dying outers such as the Far East Movement and Nickleback.

Of all the artists in the poll, Mac Miller, as of November 15, has a wide lead with 31% of total votes.  In second is Chiddy Bang with 20%, and Kings of Leon holding down third place with 18% of the votes. So far 746 polls have been completed, leaving many more students the opportunity to have a say in who they want to see live in concert. It should also be noted that 52% of voters expect to pay between $20-$30 per ticket. To help keep ticket pricing around this level, Roanoke will be teaming up with several ODAC schools to make this spring concert happen.

CAB is currently in discussions with UVA and Virginia Tech about possibly opening the concert to each institution’s student body. If so, the Civic Center is sure to be sold out, and keep ticket prices affordable on a college budget. With so many successes in the past, CAB is sure to pull off yet another great, affordable concert this spring.

Poll voting closes November 28, and until then we will be uncertain who the winning artist is. Once chosen by the student body, CAB will contact the artist’s representatives and booking agencies for final negotiations and hopefully reach contractual agreements. This could just be the best spring semester yet.