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Call of Duty franchise sets new records


Nathaniel Rioux

Staff writer

The “Call of Duty” franchise reached a milestone this past week with a record shattering first day sales that rocked the entertainment industry.  First day alone “Call of Duty” sold 6.5 million copies, shattering records and setting a new standard for the Entertainment Industry; the apparent rival game, Battlefield 3 sold only 5 million copies.

According to UK Game line, this game outsold first day sales for not only every game ever made, but also first day ticket sales for both the last star wars movie and the last Lord of the Rings Movie combined. Not only has this game set the bar for most selling games, but it has changed the seriousness of first person shooters in the video gaming world. But mega games such as this has helped developed stay employed in this terrible economy. Most can agree that the “Call of Duty” Franchise has made itself into as much of a social icon as Facebook has become.

Many economist say that entertainment is an almost recession proof industry but with events such as the NFL lockout and the ongoing NBA lockout, some have become skeptical about the comeback of the economy.  What amazes many analysts to this day comes from the sure stubbornness of video game industry of going under. Sure some companies have downsized their staff in the recent years but in today’s terrible economy 6.5 million people are still willing to drop 60 dollars for a game.

The accomplishments of this game has set a new era in entertainment changing the once frowned upon form of entertainment to a now super giant. Just ask anybody if they heard of “Call of Duty” and nine times out of ten they will give you their opinion on it. In fact this game got so much attention that the head coach for the Louisiana college football team blamed his team’s lackluster performance on the field on “Call of Duty”. That’s right; a head coach blamed a video game for their loss. Whether you like video games or not they are here to stay.