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Modern Warfare 3 launches with a bang


In the realm of modern gaming a few franchises are so well known that they require no introduction.  “Mario Brothers”,” Legend of Zelda”, “Halo”, and the subject of our attention today,” Call of Duty” all spring to mind.  November 8th saw the release of “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3”, the latest installment in the long running series of first person shooters.  I acquired my copy the night of its release and have given it a very thorough examination.

Perhaps I’m an oddity among gamers, but I started my experience with the single-player campaign.  The story concludes the narrative of former Special Air Service captains Price and MacTavish in their revenge fueled pursuit of international terrorist Makarov.  The global war that engulfed the world in the second installment comes to its conclusion and Makarov is brought to a shockingly visceral end by the time the credits roll.  The campaign provides a non-stop thrill ride evocative of an action film while telling a story that should resonate with fans of revenge thriller films.  I found myself deeply engrossed in completing each new objective in order to see how characters both new and old would react to the events around them.  Sadly the story is not without loss and the franchise continues its legacy of killing characters to evoke a reaction and advance the plot.

Now to the part of this review most other gamers want to read, for better or for worse modern shooters are a multiplayer experience and ignoring this aspect of the game would be a grievous error on my part.  I have played nearly all of the game’s many game types and I have to say that the gameplay is remarkably free of significant glitches.  I personally felt that the game almost felt too easy to me, though the undeniable thrill of the hectic matches wasn’t lost.  In a maelstrom of gunfire, kill streaks, and trash talking the occasional glitch is quickly forgotten if acknowledged at all.

This game is a very different beast than “Battlefield 3”, its chief competitor, and focuses on individual skill almost to the point of neglecting team play entirely.  With that said Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer Games, and Raven Software have delivered a polished, entertaining experience both online and off.  For those who haven’t picked it up yet, I certainly recommend “Modern Warfare 3”.