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Predictions for “Clockwork Prince”


Emily Erwin

Entertainment Editor

While the sixth of December doesn’t mean much to most people, it means a great deal to readers of the “Infernal Devices” series written by Cassandra Clare. On this day, the sequel to “Clockwork Angel”, which is to be titled “Clockwork Prince” will be released in hardback.

“The Infernal Devices” series is a prequel to Clare’s popular series “The Mortal Instruments” which tells the story of a group of teenage demon hunters called Shadowhunters as they attempt to stop Valentine, an evil Shadowhunter, from obtaining the Mortal Instruments, which are divine objects said to have been given to Shadowhunters by the angel Raziel. While “The Mortal Instruments” takes place in modern New York City, “The Infernal Devices” takes place in Victorian London and follows the story of a young warlock named Tessa Gray.

A few characters seen in “The Mortal Instruments” are seen in “The Infernal Devices”, namely Magnus Bane, a powerful and mysterious warlock who frequently associates with Shadowhunters, and Camille, Magnus’ vampire girlfriend who proves to be more trouble than she’s worth. Ancestors of the Herondale family, who are prominent in “The Mortal Instruments”, are main characters in “The Infernal Devices”, especially Will, who is a charming yet mysterious Shadowhunter.

The first book in the series, “Clockwork Angel”, left readers with Magnus Bane reading a copy of classical literature in Camille’s house when Will Herondale arrives. He asks Magnus for help, as he can ask no one else. Magnus contemplates this then agrees and the novel ends with Magnus asking Will what is wrong. Clare is known for her ability to seemingly tie up loose ends to give the impression that the story is finished before throwing a curveball in the last page, making readers anxious for what is to come.

If you bought the paperback version of “Clockwork Angel” in early October, then you had the opportunity to read part of the first chapter of “Clockwork Prince” in addition to a sneak peek about Magnus’ past. However, there isn’t a whole lot for readers to know what will happen for sure. We can assume that something is going to happen with Will and Tessa’s relationship, but we can’t be sure exactly what that is.

Clare’s official website gives a teaser as to what “Clockwork Prince” will contain, specifically mentioning how Tessa grows closer and closer to Will’s best friend, Jem Carstairs, and how she must decide between the two of them. There is also some information to show that the Magister is still after Tessa’s powers and that his reasons for wanting a war with the Shadowhunters are more personal than anyone could have predicted.

As the sixth of December looms nearer, fans of the series are becoming more and more anxious about what Will is planning with Magnus and what will happen between Tessa and the Magister. We can be sure that Clare will pull off this book just as well as she has with the other books that she’s published. Until then, I’ll be rereading “Clockwork Angel” and adding to that list of possible ideas of what is to come.