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Breaking Dawn: A review


Morgan Minyard

Staff writer

Although “Twilight Breaking Dawn, Part 1” opened in theaters on November 18, it is still proving to be a success in the box office even two weeks after its release date, grossing over $64 million just over the Thanksgiving holiday, making the nationwide grand total for the movie over $221 million.

“It is in many respects the best installment of the franchise as its stars go from sullen kids to sullen young adults, where their expressions look more natural,” Scott Bowles of USA Today said.

There is a mixed review among critics and audiences. Audiences seem to enjoy the movie, while critics are giving the new Twilight drama a harsh review. On the popular and reliable movie review site Rotten Tomatoes, the critics gave the movie a 29% making the movie rotten, while audiences gave the movie a 72% making the movie ripe.

“The sexless, bloodless, padded and plodding Breaking Dawn, Part 1 is the worst Twilight movie to date,” Peter Travers of Rolling Stone Magazine said.

“When you’re not giggling at the jokes … you’ll be rolling your eyes at the dull melodramatics, or rolling on the floor at the big doggie debate amongst the digital wolves,” Roger Moore of Time Magazine said.

“Breaking Dawn part 1 was totally worth it. I saw it on opening night. I love my hall for coming and for dealing with my excitement …even when it got embarrassing,” Charla Henley ’14 said.

“The movie was a bit gory for me. I also found myself laughing when the werewolves began talking, even though it was a serious scene,” Taylor Davis ’13 said.

Decide for yourself, and go see one of the most popular movies of the year, to decide if you’re on board with most critics’ negative feedback or if you agree with most audiences’ opinions.

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