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Course evaluations


Jack Steehler

Staff writer

Students can help identify good courses and teaching at Roanoke by providing feedback on their fall term courses.  This feedback from the students also helps faculty design and teach even better courses in the future.

Online course evaluations are available until 8 AM on Monday, December 12th.  Use the link in the top right section of your MyRoanoke page.  Evaluations include both rating questions and opportunities for comments.

Students sometimes worry that faculty will know who made a particular comment.  Course evaluations are recorded completely anonymously.  The faculty does not have any way to identify which student gave a particular rating or comment.  Just be sure you don’t put personally identifiable information in your evaluation comments.  Furthermore, results are not distributed to faculty until after all fall term grades have been submitted.  The faculty member will receive all ratings and comments.  The college administrators and department chairs receive only the ratings, not the comments.

 Faculty has worries too!  Faculty wants to be sure the feedback they use to plan future courses represents all of the students in their classes, not just a few.  That’s why we encourage all students to participate.  Faculty also worries that students might not take this process seriously.  The evaluations are used in decisions about teaching awards which celebrate good teaching.  They are also used in annual faculty evaluations and in the faculty tenure and promotion process.  Evaluations are important!  Careful, thoughtful feedback from students is important, and very much appreciated by the faculty, especially student comments that often help explain the ratings.

 Questions about our course evaluation system can be sent to Dr. Jack Steehler, Director of Institutional Research, 204 Admin Bldg.      jsteehler@roanoke.edu


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