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Kathleen Fountain

Staff writer         

Head basketball coach Page Moir’s 370th win has resulted in his being the winningest coach in the history of the ODAC. He has been coaching at Roanoke for 23 years and doesn’t see that changing any time soon.          

“When I was 25 I wanted to do this until I was 80.  Now I’m just thinking until I’m 65,” Moir said.           

He also insists that his record was achieved through team effort. Moir praised his success on his players and supporting coaches. He says it’s not an individual success but a team success – one that the entire campus can take pride in as a community.

“I’ve had a lot of help. It says something positive about this school and the way we do things. It’s why I’ve stuck around for 23 years,” Moir said.           

He has never seen himself as anything other than a coach. More than anything, he is passionate about the game, the competition, and his players. And he could never see himself coaching anywhere other than Roanoke.           

“I enjoy going to practice every day. I don’t deserve all the enjoyment and fun I’ve had in my job,” Moir said.       

That is something he tells all his players, including those who attend his basketball camp. He emphasizes finding something they are passionate about and translating it into their career, something he says he has been able to do.           

His relationships with his players are also something he says drives him in his work, not only in seeing his team succeeding throughout the season but in academics as well. Out of 90 students that have gone through four years playing basketball for him, 89 have graduated and one is on the verge of graduating.           

“That’s the record I’m proud of as much as anything. Having my kids staying here all four years, graduating, and going on to become successful,” Moir said.        

He attributes that to his relationships with the athletes as well. He says when he first arrived at Roanoke he bought one hundred Roanoke basketball t-shirts in baby sizes. Over the years, whenever one of his players or former players has had a baby he sends out a t-shirt.           

“I know what every single one of my players is up to. This past year, I’ve had to order more t-shirts,” Moir said.

As he continues to coach, Moir says his goals wouldn’t change too drastically. He continues to strive towards successful seasons that may launch the team towards the championships and assist his players in any aspect they need.            

“Roanoke really has a spirit about it. I want to continue to be a shoulder to lean on for the kids in terms of the program and for the college as well. Roanoke is the place I love,” Moir said.