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Redskins rally to beat Seahawks


Morgan Minyard

Staff writer

The Washington Redskins rallied to beat the Seahawks 23-17 on November 27, finally ending their six game losing streak. The Redskins were desperate for a win entering into Sunday night’s game with a 3-7 record.

“It’s been awhile since we’ve had this feeling. The last couple weeks, we’ve shown signs of life and I knew it would happen because of the way we were practicing and the way we were preparing,” Rex Grossman, quarterback of the Redskins, said about the win.

The game was one of the Redskin’s most intense games this season, with both teams playing passionately. During warm-ups the two teams exchanged some words and unfriendly gestures. The teams carried the un-sportsman like conduct from the warm-ups to the coin toss, where both teams again exchanged even more rude gestures and words.

The Redskins dominated the game early and set the pace for the rest of the game. Then they were down in the fourth quarter they rallied late in the quarter with two touchdowns, to snag the victory over the Seahawks.

“I am very happy about the win! We needed it bad!” Sarah Morton ’12 said.

“It’s safe to say that this season has been rough for us Redskins fans, but seeing them pull out a win in yesterday’s game was very exciting. I’m finally proud to be a Redskins’ fan again,” Erin Ternahan ’13 said.

Overall, the Redskins played an overall solid game on both defense and offense; although there were still some crucial mistakes made by the Redskins. There were two turn overs made by Grossman and a mistake made by special teams, when the Redskins’ field goal was blocked. The Seahawks just ended up making more mistakes than the Redskins, which is ultimately what cost them the game.

Roy Helu of the Redskins made his second NFL start during Sunday night’s game and definitely ended up proving he is more than a third string running back. He finished with 23 rushes for 108 yards, his first 100+ yard game of his pro career. His 28-yard touchdown run in the fourth quarter helped spark the Redskins’ comeback.

Although the Redskins really have nothing to celebrate about since they are only 4-7, fans still hope for the best and are still supporting their team. They are happy their team was able to finally pull out a win. Look for the Redskins this Sunday, December 4th at 1pm, when they take on the New York Jets at FedEx Field.