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Art show in Olin


Madeline Hooker

Staff writer

With the arrival of the spring semester at Roanoke College, Olin Hall Galleries is proud to present Cornucopia, an exhibit by artist Rob Humphreys. The exhibit will open this Friday, January 20 and will last until the February 19.

To begin the festivities, a lecture by Humphreys will be held on January 20 at 5:30 pm in the Olin Recital Hall. A man of many talents, Humphreys is known as a painter, printmaker, as well as a maker of objects. What makes this artist unique is the fact that after he is done creating his work, he will often burn it.

Joanna Hooker ‘12, a gallery assistant in Olin Hall, worked as an intern with Humphreys from September to December 2011.

“[Humphries believed that] you should never show something you are unhappy with,” said Hooker.

“[He said that] it is ok if you do not like your piece and that it is ok to scrap it and start over,” said Hooker.

For the first half of the internship, Hooker worked with Humphreys in an abandoned pharmacy in Roanoke and began familiarizing herself with his industrial-like designs. Most of the time was spent prepping a large canvas as well as working with a wide array of tools such as a sewing and grommet machine and a multitude of saws including a chop saw, grinder saw, and a table saw. Hooker also learned how to weld and cut metal pipes that would be used as a frame for the canvas.

During the second half of the internship, Hooker began working in Humphreys’ studio as she began to help construct the frames.

“You could categorize him as an abstract painter” Hooker said.

Creating extremes, Humphreys’ work is either very large or very small.  His work is sure to bring visitors to the gallery, as his main attraction is a 74 foot canvas that will wrap around the back wall of Olin Gallery. It will be the largest painting the Gallery has had. It took nine and a half hours and nine people to help install it.

“I was greatly influenced not only by the style of his work, but also by the method in which he created it” said Hooker.

Humphreys’ method is quite technical and mathematical. If anything was mislabeled or not measured correctly, the work could collapse. Cornucopia will include two main paintings and smaller sculpture pieces.

“This is such a unique exhibit, it would be a shame to miss out” said Hooker.