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Girls bid’s day


Morgan Minyard

Staff writer

The atmosphere across campus was raucous on girls bid day. Girls were everywhere, wearing glitter, face paint, crazy mixed matched clothing, sparkles. They were shouting sorority chants and the music was blaring while they rallied outside Chesapeake Hall. From Roanoke College Campus all the way to Main Street the whistles and chants could be heard.

Last Sunday, January 15th was RC’s Girls Bid. A total of 52 new girls were added to RC’s Greek Life. Alpha Sigma Alpha picked up 15, Chi Omega picked up 13, Delta Gamma picked up 11, and Phi Mu picked up 13.

“Overall, formal recruitment went incredibly well this year. Each chapter did an amazing job, and the potential new members had a great time! In my last few years here at RC, I cannot remember a more smoothly run, positive recruitment process. This is absolutely thanks in part to each chapter, our PanHellenic executive board, and the PanHellenic Counselors (Pi Chis). Everyone was fantastic!” said Lindsay Faulstick, Greek Life Coordinator.

Formal Recruitment began on January 15 so the girls wishing to participate in Recruitment had to return to campus early to meet the sisters of each sorority. For these 52 young women at RC the 3 days of competition to receive a bid boiled down to a single white envelope on Sunday afternoon. Once the potential new members accepted their bids they were united with their chosen sorority for a celebration along with many pictures.

On girls bid day there was nothing but smiles coming from everyone. Each sorority was happy to be able to participate in the process and celebration of getting their new girls. You could truly feel a sense of pride radiating from each sorority as they cheered for their new girls during the reveal ceremony in the chapel.

Bid Day, the end of Formal sorority Recruitment and the beginning of the new member education period, brought cheers from some and tears from others. It was exciting for the new members but also sad for some seniors since this meant that these were the girls who were going to replace them, along with the fact that this would indeed be their last bid day with their sisters.

Being a part of a sorority is more than meets the eye. It is not just about wearing letters and having social events, but it is about the opportunities that arise from being in a sorority. It is also about making new friends and community service along with raising money for your philanthropy. The bonds you make by joining a sorority will last a lifetime.

After all the screaming, crying, and chaos of Bid Day is said and done, the new girls are glad to be part of a new family. Overall, girls bid day went extremely well and RC is looking forward to the boys bid day coming up soon.