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O-news: NSSE is coming


Dr. Jack Steehler

Director of Institutional Research

Roanoke College is preparing for the National Survey of Student Engagement.  The NSSE collects information about the undergraduate student experience from over 1400 schools across the country allowing us to better understand the Roanoke College student experience and compare our students’ responses to responses at other colleges and universities.

First-year students and seniors are invited to participate in this online survey via e-mail. Students should expect an introductory mailing in their campus mail box and the survey invitation and online link in his/her email the first week of February.

The NSSE asks about various aspects of student engagement including academic engagements, like time and effort spent on academic assignments, as well as engagement outside of the classroom such as service, research projects, and study abroad.  Reports are provided to help the college enhance programs and overall environment.

Roanoke has participated in the NSSE every third year for more than a decade, and results from past surveys helped guide changes in courses and other opportunities. For example, NSSE results helped the faculty design our new Intellectual Inquiry (INQ) curriculum and led to the college increasing its emphasis on undergraduate research, creative endeavors, service learning, internships, and study away.

Only students classified as first-year students or seniors in fall 2011 will be invited to participate. Look for e-mail notifications in early February.  If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Jack Steehler, Director of Institutional Research, 204 Administration Building.