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Letter to the Editor


I am writing concerning to the letter about the Palestinian polemic that appeared on February 3rd on the Roanoke College newspaper. I am an international student from Spain and I have to say that I am not used to such open racism. Honestly, it blew my mind. I felt ashamed for the author of the letter. I even felt sorry for him. It should be tiring to see terrorist all around, poor guy. Ignorance can be trained, and this guy should be extenuated after such an intense labour.

Firstly, I don’t agree with the fact that showing the flag of a country on campus necessarily indicates any particular political position. However, you may call me crazy, but I think that the possibility exists that the college only wanted to show their support to the Palestinian students at Roanoke College who can not even come back to their homes, and have the same rights to be represented as the average American. Moreover, even if the college would decide to officially support the Palestinian people, despite the political position of the US Government, it would not be a catastrophe. Colleges and academic environments are places for criticism, for questioning the established, for coming up with new ideas, and for defending human rights and trying to improve our wounded world. I know that a grid mind like the author’s privileged mind will not probably be able to understand that, but I would be more than satisfied if someone gave it a thought.

To conclude, I want to give all my support to the Palestinian students and friends of mine at Roanoke College. All of us were outraged by the letter; do not think you are alone.