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Letter to the Editor


I would just like to say to the College Republicans of Roanoke College that your response to the Palestinian flag being flown on the flagpole is plain ignorant.  I say this mainly because there are a few Palestinian students that attend this school.  For one thing, this is not Roanoke College violating “political neutrality.”  Roanoke College is simply recognizing that we have students from Palestine attending this institution.  Just because the United States does not recognize Palestine as a country does not mean we cannot see the flag flown on the back quad.  I say this because the flags rotate between all of the countries that are represented on this campus.  We have students from Spain, France, the Netherlands, South Korea, and many others.  The international students from the countries I have just specified get to see their flag flown on the fifth flagpole on the back quad.  If they get to see their flag, why can’t the Palestinian students get to see theirs as well?  They are students, just like we are, and people, just like we are.  We cannot have a fair and just system if we treat one person differently than the other.  By flying the other flags and not the Palestinian flag is secluding those students and it could make them feel unwelcome here.  If we fly one international flag, we should fly them all, regardless of where they come from.  It’s like saying you’re an international student at China and they won’t fly the American flag because they don’t recognize the United States as a country when they’re flying other international flags at the same time.  No one wants to feel left out or excluded because of where they come from.  I honestly think your ignorance is appalling.  Instead of worrying about whether certain flags should be flown or not, we need to be worrying about the state of this country.  We have more pressing issues, the economy for example, that need to be addressed instead of worrying about the political neutrality of this college.  I would love to see the Palestinian flag stay on that flagpole, because that means that we as a college community have Palestinians here and that we welcome them and want them to be here.  Removing that flag, and even not putting it up, sends the worst message imaginable.  I know I wouldn’t want that to happen to me. Would you? I hope before you write another appalling article about your ignorance that you think about what you’re going to say to the college community.  I definitely would not be proud of the article that was put in the last newsletter if I was a part of this organization.


A concerned and politically neutral student