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Survivor: One World


Morgan Minyard

Staff writer


The season premiere of CBS’ hit show “Survivor” aired on February 15th. The premiere raked in 11 million viewers. This season is different than most seasons, though.

The season is called “Survivor: One World” because the two tribes are living on the same beach, which is the brand new twist in the game. “Survivor: One World” is also different than past seasons because the two tribes are divided based on gender. This season it is male vs. female tribes. The female tribe’s name is Salani and the male tribe’s name is Manono.

The show kicked off to a good start. There are fresh faces as competitors this season. Another good thing about this “Survivor” is that Redemption Island is not a factor this season, meaning that once a competitor is voted out he or she may not return to the game and is gone for good.

There is already drama brewing this season in both tribes. Not only was there drama on the first episode but there was also another more serious issue. For the first time in “Survivor” history, the first competitor to leave the game was not voted out, but left due to a medical emergency.

Kourtney Moon left the island after she broke her wrist during the first immunity challenge, requiring her to take herself out of the game so she could receive the proper medical care and attention.

This news was good for the male tribe because they won by default. They were given the choice to continue competing in the challenge or claim their victory; in this case they claimed their victory and sent the female tribe to tribal council, where they received the good and bad news from the host of the show Jeff Probst. The good news was that none of them were going home, but the bad news was that Kourtney was leaving the island for surgery and would not return to the game, forcing the female tribe to be down one person going into challenges.

There are 17 players left and 37 days to go. Who will be the next survivor?