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US to block global crime organizations


Nathaniel Rioux

Staff writer

In an effort to stop the funding of organized crime in a global economy, the United States on Thursday moved to block multiple international crime leaders from the country’s financial market. The names of the blocked leaders include many prominent leaders in such crime syndicates as the famed Japanese Yakuza.

According to the sources the move is an attempt to block the misuse of the financial systems in place state side. Such misuse of the system generates estimated billions of dollars a year in various illicit sales. This decision, which has been backed by many other countries in which the various crime groups operate in, came as a surprise to most lawmakers and has already generated much debate whether or not this type of action will actually hinder the ability of these various crime syndicates to operate illegally.

While unclear how long the effects of this measure will be felt, the U.S. Treasury Department suggests that this is the best move for the U.S. to combat global crime.