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RC Honors Program Sees Fruits of Labor in Haiti


Andrew Dittmar

Staff writer


The Roanoke College Honors Program was given the chance to see the fruits of their labors in Haiti last month.

Before classes for the fall semester began, the Honors Program began a school supply drive for schools built by Star of Hope International in Hesse, Haiti. Star of Hope International is an international non-denominational Christian organization based in Ellinwood, Kansas. The school, which serves from preschool through sixth grade, was set to begin classes in October whilst in dire need for school supplies.

The drive was headed by John Stang ’13, who served as an intern for Star of Hope during the summer of 2011.

Throughout August and September, the Honors Program collected over 150 pounds of school supplies for the schools.

Last month, Star of Hope International shipped the supplies to the schools. Pens and pencils were personally handed out to each individual student.

The Star of Hope website features testimonies from various people who made the trip to the individual schools.

“It felt really good to give things to little kids that really appreciated it,” said Joleen Tustin, one of the women on the trip who personally handed out the supplies.

“I felt a little uneasy receiving all the thanks for items given by someone else. Of course, the children didn’t know that so we accepted their deep gratitude on behalf of all the generous Roanoke students,” said Jennifer Schartz, another of the women on the trip. “They did all the work and we received all the praise. I hope the photos will help them understand how much their project was appreciated.”

The Roanoke College Honors Program runs a number of comparable service drives throughout the year. Since fall semester, the program has held a number of drives to stuff backpacks for a program called Connor’s Heroes. In addition, the freshman of the program held a Christmas present drive for the children at Head Start in Salem.

Besides their involvement with service, the Honors program will be spending the weekend of March 22nd-25th in Washington, D.C. The trip, an Honors tradition financed by the program involves a good deal of sightseeing, as well as experiencing the arts the city has to offer.