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Olin Gallery Enjoys Success of Spring Exhibits


Madeline Hooker

Staff writer

For the past three weeks, Olin Hall Galleries has enjoyed the success of their Spring exhibits. Having opened on March 1st and lasting until April 1st, students, faculty, and the public have been able to view the works of Mead Maxwell Mitchell and art inspired by Andy Warhol. Mitchell’s “Solo Expedition” can be seen in the Smoyer Gallery, while “In the Event of Andy Warhol” covers the walls of the Olin Gallery.

Mitchell, a young artist from Roanoke, VA, was the first place winner for Olin Hall Galleries 2011 Biennial and recently graduated from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. There are a total of ten pieces of art in his collection, each containing similar colors such as blue, grey, and white.

“[The] colors are either extremely bright or incredibly subdued,” said Joanna Hooker ’12, Gallery Assistant at Olin Hall.

Mitchell intended for the colors and shapes in his paintings to work together in exciting and unexpected ways.

“With each gesture, I am trying to make shapes that look both effortless and instantaneous, [while also] suggesting form.” Mitchell said.

Mitchell incorporated many different styles in his work, such as classical, modern industrial, and eclectic.

“[He] has an interesting use of line,” Hooker ‘12 said. “Linear perspective can be seen in his paintings that include cities and cars.”

Mitchell describes his work as being both “playful and fun [as well as] honest and challenging.”

“In the Event of Andy Warhol” celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Andy Warhol Foundation. Warhol’s very own Polaroid’s are located on the left wall of Olin Gallery. Many of his Polaroid’s feature celebrities that fascinated him. There are also a set of prints that contain many miscellaneous items and scenes, such as household items and city scapes. These black and white framed photos cover the back wall.

“People have gotten confused and think it is all Warhol’s work,” Hooker ’12 said. “Only the Polaroid’s are Warhol’s while everything else is inspired by the famous artist.”

Artists who contributed the Warhol inspired work include Charles Lutz, Ryan Humphrey, Shepard Fairey, and Burton Machen. Lutz’s self- portrait is very Warhol-ian, as it shows Lutz in black with a bright orange background and pops of silver.

“When looking at the art [inspired by Warhol], one would think that they were done by the man himself,” Hooker ‘12 said. “These artists do a wonderful job in channeling the Warhol vibe with their pop art, modernist feel.”

“Mead Maxwell Mitchell” and “In the Event of Andy Warhol” have much to offer for audiences. Both exhibits will conclude on April 1st.