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Dear Sue


Dear Sue,

I’ve just recent broken up with my longtime boyfriend of a few years, there is a couple of cutie guys I’ve been interested in but I don’t want to fall victim to the so called “rebounding”. What is a good timeframe for me to start dating again without it being “rebounding”?

Well avoiding rebounding is always a tricky situation and while there is no proven results to is considered a good amount of time to be over someone, there are a few hints that will clue you in if you are ready to move on. First you got to ask yourself, am I always thinking about this person? When you’re in a relationship, especially one that is so long, you have a hard time picturing yourself without this person. Often time’s people find themselves expecting somebody to hang out with them for the evening or other things of that nature and that’s normal. This feeling however is also a good indication that you’re not ready to move on.  And while you may consider yourself ready to move on you want to avoid moving on with somebody to replace what you just lost. That’s never fair to your partner because you will often find yourself trying to either see, or shape the person into an image of your previous relationship. It’s all really about a balancing act. Best advice I can give is to be yourself for a while, see what it is like to be your own person for a while and then see what happens from there.