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Men’s LAX Ends Regular Season on High Note


Kathleen Fountain

Sports Editor

Roanoke College ended their regular season on an impressive high note Wednesday evening with a win over Guilford College 17-7, bringing the season to a close with an 11-3 record, 6-1 in the OCAD.

At the end of the first period the Maroons were up by four points. The first goal was scored by Reid Mayberry, ’12, within the first eight minutes of the game. This was following his multi-goal game last Saturday where he scored seven points. Richard Lachlan, ’13, also scored a goal soon after with the Maroons gaining three more points before the end of the period.

However, Guilford managed to make it onto the scoreboard just in time to end the period.

Reid Mayberry put two more goals on the board seconds into the second period giving the Maroons a substantial lead over the Quakers. The Maroons continued their strong scoring pattern over the next length of time, with Guilford responding several times before the third period. By that time the Maroons were up 10-3.

Lachlan was essential to scoring coming out of the gate in the third period, although this goal was answered by Guilford a minute later. Joey Coretti, ’12, scored his first goal after this and Reid Mayberry scored his sixth immediately thereafter.

Chris Doran, ’15, scored a goal for the Maroons in the fourth period, assisting the Maroons in their 17-7 win. Jeff Keating, ’12, had his second goal in the fourth as well. This goal awarded him the position of second on the all-time scoring list. In total, he has acquired 155 goals. Reid Mayberry was the leading scorer for the Maroons during this game with six total goals.

On April 28th the men’s lacrosse team will play again in the first round of the ODACs. The time is TBA. They will play at the Donald J. Kerr Stadium at home.