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Test Taking Tips


Nathaniel Rioux

Staff writer

Summer is nearly here but before Roanoke College students can enjoy those beaches and summer jobs they first have to get through finals. For many upperclassmen this is a normal routine but for underclassmen this is the second round of finals. Here at the Brackety-Ack we understand just how stressful these times are, so we compiled a short list of study tips and tricks that will help everybody get through their finals:


Got a test?

Most people have test this time of year, and while a lot of test are cumulative and may seem daunting at first the amount of material that is covered in one test but here is a helpful hint. Most of the material covered on the test is previous material that was on the mid-term.  If they are not cumulative as in  the material covered the first half of the semester is not on the test then  expect to be tested on the materials covered in the second half.

Your best resource is your professor. If you have a question about the material ask them. They are here to help you.  Now this doesn’t mean asking questions like “what is going to be on the test?” instead ask questions pertaining to the material.

Don’t cram everything in the night before.  Doing this will only give you a basic overview on topics you already know. Also when it comes to studying try applying the knowledge you know in a problematic situation. Like for an example trying to explain Marxist perspective to your friend. Or solving an equation using skittles. Doing this helps you master and thoroughly understand a certain topic to the point where the core concepts become easier to understand.

Got a paper due?

Start now. No seriously no matter how long the paper is now is the best time to start. This for some people, myself included, is easier said than done.  Starting a paper early allows for a longer time to look over the paper. Which when it comes to the revision process of the paper seems to be the last thing on a person’s mind when they are writing a paper.  A good tip when working on a paper is to read your paper out loud. Reading the paper out loud may look weird but you tend to notice a lot of things that wouldn’t be noticed when reading to oneself.  If you’re stuck on a paper the writing center at the library is a great resource. See the Roanoke College’s website for details.

Most important thing to do while studying for finals is to stay relaxed. Many students get overwhelmed with finals that the stress gets in the way of studying.  Studying is always good but remember to have fun while doing it.