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“Sinister” Review


By Anissa Stewart

People today are falling in love with horror movies but gone are the days of ghost stories and psycho spirits. It seems that the movie industry has flipped the script and gone deeper into what people fear most. Some think that are deepest fears are filled with monsters or oversized insects. In truth, it’s the supernatural which scares people the most because its uncontrollable.

This type of horror has been seen in films like “The Ring” (2002) and “Paranormal Activity” (2007). Summit Entertainment has taken the reins, pushing out low budget hit after hit. Their latest horror movie was “Insidious” (2011). Producer Jason Blum has allied himself with Summit Entertainment, yet again, to produce their next big thriller “Sinister” (2012).

The film is focused on a family who moves into a new home that was previously owned by a family who were found murdered in the 1960’s. The father, Ellison (Ethan Hawke), is an author desperately trying to support his family. As the family unpacks and gets acquainted with the house, Ellison stumbles onto a box in the attic. He begins to peruse the box and finds old reels of film from the previous family. He begins to watch these tapes. That’s when the fun truly begins. It seems that each tape holds footage of the family enjoying themselves and then cuts quickly to them all hanging dead in a tree. Ellison continues to watch the videos and delves deeper into their hidden secrets.

A symbol pops up into each and every home video that he watches and he begins to piece together the information. He goes first to the police, believing that he has uncovered a string of serial murders. Once the symbol becomes more prominent, he seeks advice from Professor Jonas (Vincent D’Onofrio). The professor tells him it is a representation of the Pagan deity, Baghoul.

This deity Baghoul is said to devour children’s souls and possess them in order to kill their families. Similar to “Insidious” the family tries to pack up and leave but the deity are prevented from doing so. It is up to Ellison to save his family from the evil Pagan deity and survive the night. This film is scheduled to be in theatres October 25th.