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By Meagan Cole

Alpha Psi Omega is the honorary theatre fraternity on campus. Being an honorary fraternity means students must work within its designated field in order to gain an invitation. Because Alpha Psi Omega is theatre based, there are a variety of jobs that count towards an individual’s eligibility, even ones that don’t require being onstage. For example, being on set crew counts, and that means constructing and designing the set from the stage up. Then, there’s being a dresser, which entails fixing costumes and make-up for the performers. Of course, performing also counts.

Each time a person works on a play then adds points to his/her eligibility for an invitation from Alpha Psi Omega. Only fifty points are needed for a member who works in multiple areas whereas sixty points are needed for someone who prefers to only work as a performer, dresser, etc. However, the work certainly pays off when one receives that coveted blue and yellow invitation.

Alpha Psi Omega is nationally recognized and highly competitive and, once inducted, there are even more opportunities in TRC. All members are recognized in the playbills via asterisks and receive extra cords at graduation. Even more rewarding, Alpha Psi Omega is also a service fraternity, which means its members help out in the community. Last year, Alpha Psi Omega refurbished the playbill picture frames in Olin Hall. Future plans include producing trailers for the upcoming productions as well as a 24 hour event sponsored by CAB for the following semester. For more information about the club, e-mail the President, Darlene Harris at dmharris@mail.roanoke.edu.

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