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Roanoke’s Lambda at “Pride at the Park” Event


By Emily Erwin

Despite the prospect of rain and general dreary weather, hundreds of people flocked to Elmwood Park in Roanoke for the annual Pride In The Park, which celebrates pride among lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders, and their allies. Since it began in 1989, Pride In The Park is the largest LGBT gathering in southwest Virginia.

While many attendees of the celebration were older, students from the Lambda Alliance, Roanoke College’s own LGBT organization, traveled to the festivities.

Pride In The Park started off with a parade at noon and featured a variety of performers throughout the day. Vendors set up stalls where they could sell their wares and several organizations sent members throughout the park distributing flyers to those attending the festival.

The members of the Lambda Alliance have attended Pride In The Park in past years. Though the members were scattered throughout the festivities, everyone enjoyed themselves.

“It was interesting,” said Kat Jansen ’14. “The music was okay and there were lots of rainbows.”

Jansen also stated that she enjoyed the vendors and learning the meanings behind certain symbols that she had not previously known.

Pride At The Park had a general feel similar to that of a state or county fair. Families brought their small children and many festival attendees brought their dogs. Vendors had set up stands selling popcorn and lemonade in addition to other foods.

“There should have been funnel cakes,” Jansen said.

Lambda Alliance meets bimonthly and discusses LGBT topics and plans events to be held on campus. The annual trip to Pride In The Park was enjoyed by all and Lambda is sure to be in attendance in future years.

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