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SGA Meeting


By Christy Blevins

The Student Government Association (SGA) held their first Senate meeting on Tuesday, September 11.  Business resumed for this school year and new senators were inducted.

They started the meeting with the induction of 13 new senators.  They were all inducted as a group.  Dean Gene welcomed students and began the update from last semester. Last semester, a two-thirds majority passed an amendment stating that “if a seat is vacant, nominations could be made from the floor for students to take said seat and by majority a selected student could take the seat. ” Then it was announced that there are six district seats still vacant, an open senior class senator position, and two academic department seats to fill.

The senators were given a run-down of the meeting and rules of senate.  The floor is open for discussion after a committee’s report is over.  If there is a motion to vote, the senators will vote at that moment.

Starting the meeting off, the senate was proposed with a requested budget for the Mathematical Association of America from the appropriations committee. The MAA requested $275.00 for this academic year and with a short questioning period, there was a motion to vote. The senate passed the request.  The appropriations committee strives to be transparent in the process of allocating funds to organizations and prioritizing requests. However, due to a law passed last year, the appropriations committee will no longer review requests after mid-term.

Ending the meeting was a once over of the rules of senate and SGA. The senate meets every two weeks, and all senators must be involved in an SGA committee.  Senators ended the meeting with a discussion on setting up a committee to help better communication with students and the student body.