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RC Ale Class a Big Hit


Nathaniel Rioux

Thursday night, Roanoke College students were treated to a class unlike any other. This class specialized on the different delights of beer. CAB hosted their informational class on different types of ales. The 23 students got to try everything from a Belgium style Duvel Golden Ale to a Dogfish Pumpkin Ale.

The course covered the basics, starting with the difference of ales as compared to lagers and then, more specifically, they compared different ales from IPA’s to Black. While the class covered more of the higher price craft beers, most students seemed to enjoy the introduction.

Jared Meadows ’12 said that the class was a “Really good experience.” He also suggested that the class was a good way to “Branch out to new types of beer.”

Justin Lawrence ’15 said that class was “Very informative about different ales. It distinguishes the difference between good beers and Budweiser’s.”

Most students suggested thought there was value in attending this class since students only had to pay five dollars to try several fine craft beers. The night was an overall success for most parties involved.

The students voted and the winner for the overall favorite beer of the night went to Dogfish Head’s Midas Touch, an ancient Egyptian recipe for beer.

The next CAB tasting event will feature wine. The date has not been announced but will be sometime after Thanksgiving break.