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“Big Bang Theory” Review


Michael Watts

The first episode of the “Big Bang Theory’s” sixth season, “The Date Night Variable,” premiered last Thursday. The episode started the season off on a good note. The episode started off with Howard (Simon Helberg) spending his first weeks of his marriage with Bernadette (Melissa Rauch). Before leaving the planet, somehow Howard didn’t tell his Ma that he was planning to move out of their house to be with Bernadette. While in space, Howard is forced to have a date night with Bernadette by video chat. The only problem was that Bernadette refused to continue their date night until Howard told his Ma that he was moving in with Bernadette. Of course, Ma Wolowitz took this plan badly and used every guilt trick in the book. He caved in, but then lied to Bernadette and told her he stood up to his mother.

Back on Earth, Amy (Mayim Bailik) is dressed up and bleached her upper lip in preparation for her second anniversary date with Sheldon (Jim Parsons). Though sadly enough for her, she finds out that her clueless boyfriend invited Raj (Kunal Nayyar) on their date only to loophole out of his “Relationship Agreement” that allows him to outsource his side of their two-year anniversary date. Amy becomes incensed, so Raj leaves to interrupt Penny and Leonard’s date night. By the end of the night, Amy is able to get something “meaningful and from the heart” out of Sheldon: a line stolen from “Spiderman”. However, Sheldon asks to split the check.

Leonard (Johnny Galecki) wants to discuss with Penny (Kaley Cuoco) about where they are in their relationship. Penny just wants to be “the girl” for one night. Unfortunately, Leonard becomes passive-aggressive and isn’t able to control his feelings. It’s amusing how Leonard and Penny seem to reverse what would be the stereotypical roles the man and woman would play in a relationship. Other than the fact that once Raj arrives, he almost gets Penny to tell Leonard that she loves him.

The only new and interesting thing in this episode is that Raj finally has a quality subplot. Because he is unable to speak to women, he decides to go out on what could be considered a date with Stuart (Kevin Sussman), the owner of the comic book store. Although it isn’t kind of the relationship he was looking for, he won’t have to be a “lonely loser” anymore. Could this be the start of a potential bromance?

Also, some burning questions that some fans may want to have an answer to that will or will not be seen or heard on the show. Questions such as: will we ever learn Penny’s last name?

“Don’t hold your breath”, said Kaley Cuco, who plays the role of Penny, “Because fans are dying to know, they will never know. It’s a thing now for me. I think it’s a thing for the writers now, too. Chuck [the creator] said at Comic-Con that it would be bad luck now; we can’t say what it is! It’s not going to happen. Maybe it will be Penny Hofstadter someday.”

Another question is if the elevator will ever get fixed before the show ends.

“I hope not”, said Steven Molaro, executive producer for the show. “Those stairs are the only exercise the guys seem to get.”

Another question to ponder is if viewers will be able to see Mrs. Wolowitz in person.

“Technically, we saw her in the season five finale. When the satellite shot of Bernadette’s rooftop wedding to Howard was pulled wide, there was a speck in the corner. That was supposed to be Howard’s mom,” Molaro said.

In other words, there are no plans to have Carol Ann Susi –who voices the role of Howard’s mother- step in front of the camera