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“New Girl” New Season


Sarah Morris

“New Girl” premiered last Tuesday night and it did not disappoint. With not just one, but two, episodes having aired, we can expect the same ridiculous cast and storyline that we’ve come to know and love. Of course, no new season comes without a couple of twists. From the get-go Jess loses her job and Schmidt has a party for the removal of his cast from a rather unconventional area.  Of course, this means that Schmidt throws a celebratory party and we get a taste for the new season as being a little more out there than the last, but just as hilarious. With Jess going “off the grid,” Nick meeting his future self and Cece’s new and unanticipated boyfriend, things are getting primed up for an interesting run.  My guess is that we’ll be either seeing some regret from Schmidt about dumping Cece, or more of him hitting on Winston’s sister, and a lot more of the new play-girl Jess. Also, keep an eye out on Jess and Nick. Though it may be a while before we see them finally together, there is definite suggestion of that being an outcome from the tone set at the end of both new episodes. So go watch the new season and see for yourself on FOX, Tuesdays 8/9 central.