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Meagan Cole

Did you know that some Roanoke College students are also cool cats in a band? Austin Gilbert, a Senior, and Parker Gunn, a Sophomore, both came from Martinsville, VA and now major in Communications, but it’s their literally rock and roll lifestyle on the weekends that make this pair stand out amongst the rest.

For as long as they can remember, they have both been playing music. About a year ago, the two of them put a band together. Austin plays the drums while Parker sings. It’s their passion for music that shines through when given the privilege of hearing the whole group, and Austin says, “It means everything to be in my band.”

While the name has yet to be announced publicly, their sound is nothing short of classy. They play a little bit of everything, and they have a show on October 6 from noon to 6 PM at the Stanburn Winery in Patrick Springs that everyone should check out.

As students and musicians, Austin and Parker’s long-term goals include graduate school before moving on to making the band successful. So, come on out, have a good time with good wine and great music, and support this up and coming band!

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