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Club Spotlight


Meagan Cole

Within the cities of Roanoke and Blacksburg, there is a high concentration of local car enthusiasts who drive beauties ranging from Carreras to Barracudas from various decades. Now, Roanoke College can be added to the list of drivers and mechanics thanks to its brand new Car Club founded by Rob Altier and Ben Everest. Altier is a Junior Business major and drives a 1987 Jaguar XJS V12 while Everest is a Senior Communications major who drives a Euro-Spec BMW M3.

Both cars are more than worthy of being ogled over, but having a gorgeous car from across the pond is definitely not a requirement to be a member; others’ cars include simpler Mustangs, Mitsubishis, and Volvos.

The Car Club was just approved within the month of October, so they’re still looking to gain interest and get it off the ground. The reason why they made the club was simple.

“To create a common environment for people who share a common interest in cars to come together,” Everest said.

Not to mention, one of the biggest benefits outside becoming more educated in the world of modern and classic automobiles is how diverse a group the Car Club attracts.

“With members from every background, including the Greek system, we draw a large audience that, in the past, has not been catered to,” Everest said.

Already, the Car Club is worthy of said following, for they have teamed up with the Virginia Tech Car Club for certain benefits and charity benefits. Also, the local business of General Imports of Salem has announced a full sponsorship with the club, allowing additional learning experience as a mechanic including discounts in fixing up the members’ own cars.

If you’re interested, the Car Club is beginning to organize regular weekly meetings and will also attend car shows between Charlottesville and Blacksburg. Simply contact Ben Everest at bpeverest@mail.roanoke.edu and/or Rob Altier at rpaltier@mail.roanoke.edu in order to join. Or, check them out on their Facebook page: RoCo Car Club. Ultimately, their long-term goal is to create a strong enough following that allows new members to gain the wild exposure and awareness that comes from being car enthusiasts.