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Dear Sue 1


Dear Sue,

My girlfriend and I have been “sexually active” for 3 months and recently she has been getting a little bit… aggressive. She has begun biting me upwards of 10 times a night, and usually she bites me towards the upper neck or on the arms! This wouldn’t be such a big deal if it were farther into the school year, however it’s abnormally warm outside so I look rather odd walking around in a sweatshirt. What tips do you have of talking to her about her weird biting habits, without turning her off?

-Aching and Hot

Dear Aching,

My, my, what a large bruise you have! We need to tell that girl to lay off the love-bites! I have a few ideas to make your time with her more enjoyable, at least for yourself.

Firstly, I would suggest having a playful talk with her about the placement of her bite marks. I would keep it upbeat, because it really isn’t a bad thing (you seem to enjoy the act, but not the aftertaste). Just calmly explain that maybe watching her placement until it’s a little bit colder outside, so you aren’t forced to either wear a sweatshirt, or flaunt your love bites across campus.

Secondly, you could try biting back! Place some hickies and bite marks on her extremities and maybe make her feel your pain. Sure it’s slightly petty, but it should get your message across.

Thirdly, you could just take the heat, keep those sweatshirts on and stay inside as much as you can. I wouldn’t recommend this option because talking about this problem is going to be good practice for more serious issues later. However, if you end up changing your mind about confronting her, hold out for a little longer. After all, winter is just around the corner!

Good Luck!

-Sue Z. Marron

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