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Mu Beta Psi Haunted House


Nathaniel Rioux

As Halloween approaches, most students look for a thrilling good time as a way to celebrate this season’s festivities. While most students tend to seek out local haunted houses to get their scare on, there is no need to travel far where there is already a haunted house here on campus. That’s right the music fraternity, Mu Beta Psi, is hosting their annual haunted house here on campus this Friday and Saturday night. While this is the first time most students have heard of this event, the members of Mu Beta Psi have been planning, holding practices, and getting costumes made for months now.

The haunted house is surely one that will host the creative talents of the many members of the fraternity. While the details of what is to be expected at this event have been a guarded secret within the group, most of campus is buzzing with ideas of what the theme of this year’s haunted house will be. When asked to shed some light on this closely guarded secret to what the theme was, Senior Colleen Webber, one of the co-organizers of this year’s event didn’t spill any beans. She did reveal the title of the haunted house, “Til death do us part”, which suggests that it will deal with a wedding.

This haunted house is  one of their primary fund raising events, the fraternity plans to use some of the proceeds of this event to help fund other events such as their charity event coming up in which the proceeds for that even goes to the VH1 Save the Music charity foundation.

While this theme is a new one for them, the haunted house has been an annual event for longer than most senior members of the fraternity can remember, long before they were freshmen  here at Roanoke college most of them say. That is a pretty impressive run given the amount of planning and work involved in this type of event. The work which included a complete interior makeover of the already haunted Monterey hall to what can only be guessed as a wedding gone bad, the members surely have their work cut out for them.

Most students when asked about this event all seemed overjoyed and excited. Many students say they look forward to this event all year and can’t imagine an October where this event is not being held. To the students this is Halloween and Halloween is Mu Beta Psi. Come see what all the buzz is about this Friday and Saturday starting at 7 pm. Tickets are $5 without a Maroon card and $3 with a card. Admission will be located at the alumni house. There is even a kid’s event starting at 6 pm for those young folks out there in our community.  Don’t be afraid and come see what the buzz is all about.