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Pretty Little Liars Halloween Episode


Shaneal Greaves

The mystery continues as the Liars learn that there is no line too thick for “A” to cross. Pretty Little Liars Halloween Special premiered on ABC Family on October 23rd. As the number of murders continues to increase, so does the suspicion on the girls. The Halloween special began with Mona painting a paper-mache head while she spoke with her special visitor, Toby.

“I just love Halloween… and this year is going to be the best one ever”

There was no doubt that the two were up to no good when Mona hands Toby three pills and three bullets. As Mona and Toby spoke over their plans, the Liars discussed their Halloween costumes and the party they planned to attend later that night called The Ghost Train. Hannah tells her friends of Caleb’s recovery from the gunshot wound he acquired in the previous episode. However, the tone takes a somber tone when the Liars see a coffin that read “R.I.P Allison DiLaurentis” displayed as decoration in the yard of a schoolmate.

Spencer arrives home and finds Garret in her kitchen with a bouquet of flowers for her mother. He insists that he has something to tell her but before he can get the chance, Toby walks in and demands he leaves.  The couple embraces each other after Garrett lets himself out.

At the Ghost Train Halloween party, Spencer arrives as Marilyn Monroe, Aria as Daisy form the Great Gatsby, Spencer as Lauren Bacall, and Emily as Barbarella. The party begins with Adam Lambert as the live entertainment. As the train leaves the station, the drama begins. Mona has once again escaped from the asylum. Meanwhile, a mysterious young girl continues to pop up randomly in Hannah’s house, where her mother and the Pastor are awaiting trick or treaters.

Aria is left sitting by herself on the train when Adam Lambert asks her name. As he walks away, a mysterious masked clown drugs Aria’s drink. Spencer, walking down a corridor on her own, is snatched from behind by a costumed individual who turns out to be Garrett. Garrett, who seems to be in a panic, tells Spencer that he plans on leaving town and would like to tell her what he wanted to say earlier. He tells her that the night of Allison’s death he saw Aria’s father talking with Allison. It was far from a friendly conversation as Allison threatened him, insuring him that he does not know what she is capable of.

Spencer leaves Garrett as she goes in search for Aria. The remaining Liars believe she was kidnapped by “A” and go to find her. Aria finds herself in a wooden crate. As she fumbles around to escape, she realizes Garrett’s dead body lying next to her.

After searching all over the train for Aria and being attacked by the mysterious masked clown, the Liars find the crate with Aria and Garrett’s body inside ready to fall onto the train tracks. The party comes to an end and the police are called. But once the friends think that the night is over, a cooler is knocked over, revealing a hidden body bag.

The Pretty Little Liars Halloween Special ended with multiple questions left unanswered, and a wave of new questions that may not be answered until the season begins in January.