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Mu Beta Psi’s Haunted House


Nathaniel Rioux

Overall the haunted house was successful for the students of Mu Beta Psi, who had over 100 people in attendance Friday night and about a third of that number for the second night.  While it was a successful production for the members of the fraternity, the reaction from several students was a mixed bag of joy and regret. Some students loved the production, and said the haunted house had an actual story to it, while others felt disappointed with the lack of fright factor in the event.

Most students liked the story behind the performance. The plot, that being of a grief stricken newly- wed who discovered his wife was having an affair with the priest was something that was fun to watch.  As the students were led around Monorey house, they were also traveling in time with the couple, watching the ultimate downfall of the two lovers.  It was an original story to say the least.

Even though the event was a mixed bag of reviews from the students, members of Mu Beta Psi felt that this was one of the better events they held.  Rebecca Ward 13, a senior member of the fraternity described the event as a different kind of event. “It was a lot different, more of a psychological thriller then a scare fest.”

One of the more iconic performances of the night came from Sophomore Sarah Schwartz, who played the role of the vengeful newly-wed. When asked about her impressions on playing one of the more vocal roles of the night, she had the following to say, “If the dress fits, scream it.”

Other noteworthy performances expressed by students included the performance of Sophomore Zach Mullenex, who played the grief stricken lover. Senior Shana Melanaphy, who played a haunting tune on the violin and Shannon Mace, who acted as the tour guide to all the madness both had great performances as well. Although there were a few stand out roles, many of the students felt that everybody in Mu Beta Psi did an excellent job in the overall performance of that evening.

Taking the tour myself I personally loved the various students’ performance. Although I do agree with most students in the lack of scary moments as is typical of a haunted house, I didn’t feel like that was the overall purpose of the house. It felt more like a well thought out story, like a play production as opposed to an actual haunted house. Despite there being only a few laughable moments, overall, I did enjoy the performance as a whole