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Roanoke Plans Dance Marathon


Christy Blevins

Start looking for your dancing shoes. On October 26, 2013, a dance marathon is being held in Bast Gymnasium. Students are in the very early stages of the planning, but it will be held sometime next year.

What exactly is a dance marathon?  All over the nation dance marathon events are held at high school and college campuses. These events are exactly what they sound like. They are dances that can last anywhere from 12-36 hours. Most of these marathons are fundraising events for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, and follow the motto “For the Kids.” The marathon being held at Roanoke College will raise money for the local Carilion Clinic Children’s Hospital (CMNH) located in Roanoke.

The tentatively set Dance Marathon will have students, faculty, staff and families come together and dance all night, play games, and, the main purpose, to have fun while raising money.

Organizer of the Marathon Lynsy Yoder said, “It’s basically a lock-in to raise money for the Kids of CMNH.”

Tuesday October 30, a meeting was held to get a team of students involved.  Students will be an important part in organizing, volunteering, and spreading the word about this marathon. Students will come together to organize this event in hopes of not only raising money “for the kids” at Carilion, but to bring all of Roanoke’s staff and students together to support a common cause. They hope to accomplish building a sense of strong community around campus.

Dance Marathons raise large amounts of money for children hospitals nation-wide. Two of the largest marathon events in the nation are Penn State’s Thon and the University of Iowa’s Dance Marathon. Last year the event at Penn State raised about $10.7 million.

For more information about dance marathons or how to donate go to danceforthekids.org