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Connor Toomey and Kim Ceres

The National Society of Leadership and Success Chapter at Roanoke College has gotten off to a great start this semester. This nationally recognized, collegiate leadership honor society was established in the spring semester of 2012 by five students and since then has known grown to be one of the largest student organizations on campus with over 100 members.

When introducing this chapter of NSLS to Roanoke College, its founding members recognized that although there were programs like Leadership Roanoke that provided leadership training to a handful of select students, there was not a large-scale program in place that would give current student organization leaders as well as those aspiring to hold leadership positions on campus the necessary skills and encouragement needed to function effectively as leaders in our community. In a small school environment like Roanoke College that places such a high importance on personal and professional growth through campus involvement, these founding members wanted to make sure that every student who had an interest in becoming a more effective leader would have access to a program that would provide these critical skills.

Since its inception, NSLS has strove to provide leadership training to its members through speaker broadcasts of nationally recognized motivational speakers, biweekly small group, accountability and goal-setting meetings called Success Network Team Meetings, as well as an intensive leadership training seminar held once a semester. In the Success Network Team meetings, small groups of students come together to problem-solve and discuss strategies for achieving their goals via the SMART goal-setting system. This award-winning goal-setting strategy is used by companies world-wide to help organizations and individuals set realistic, achievable goals for the small term that will eventually accomplish a larger objective. This is a great way for our members to facilitate communication amongst each other and obtain fresh ideas on how to achieve their true dreams. Because in the end, that’s what the Roanoke College experience is all about: achieving your dreams.

It is our firm belief that no one came to Roanoke College hoping to “just get by” and graduate with a degree. Instead, we believe that everyone who chose Roanoke College as their undergraduate institution recognized that Roanoke College offers something that few other schools can offer: a personalized experience that gives every student the chance to become involved in something they are truly passionate about. NSLS understands that although each student might have a different passion or career plan, having strong leadership skills is one of those intangible qualities that transcends majors, career plans, and student organizations.

Whether you’re in KA or Chi O, on the basketball team or the squash team, a Computer Science major or a Spanish major, NSLS has something for everyone. It is our hope that this program will inspire individuals to not settle for the major or career that is the “safe” or “easy” option, but rather push themselves and their classmates to accomplish goals and dreams that they would have never thought possible. This is our mission: to build leaders who will make a better world.

If you’re interested in joining this leadership training program, please contact nsls@roanoke.edu for more information.

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