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Dear Sue


Dear Sue

I’ve had a rocky relationship with my ex since my freshman year. We’ve been on and off for nearly 4 years, and now he wants to get together as a couple again. Should I give him another chance, or stay as friends?

Sincerely Second Chance

Dear Second Chance

This is a very interesting topic and often a troubling one for many people. It is also one that is incredibly hard to answer mostly due to the type of relationship and duration. For one you were with this person for a while so it’s not just a one-night thing. This adds a new level of complexity to the situation. While this may sound like a copout but I would say go with your heart. Sometimes you just have to take a chance with someone unless you don’t feel it will work out. Also look at your current situation. If it is something that you can manage, like for an example your are ready for another relationship then maybe its time to try him out again.

In the end go with your heart. Do what feels right and if its with this other guy go for it. If not then don’t worry about it. Just don’t feel you owe him anything, as in you need to go back to him because you had some feeling for him. In the end go with heart.

Sue Z. Maroon

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