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Women’s B-Ball


Victoria Zelvin

The women’s basketball team had their first game of the official 2012-2013 season tonight against Washington and Lee. The RCWB team is projected at 8th in the division this year.

Despite the rough start in the first half, the team rallied back with good defense and great effort from Tatum McKee, and Paxton Gwin on the boards. The defense led to offense in transition with Rachel Dellehunt running the point along with Laurel Hankins and Meghan Gadell scoring from beyond the arc. The team tried to regroup at half and brought lead down to 2 at one point in the second half. The defensive leaders in the second half were Markia Beckwith and Rachel Dellehunt, who both forced turnovers. The offensive leaders in the second half include names like; Kayla Lemke and Kelsey Smith.

The great effort was not quite enough tonight however, as the RCWB team lost to Washington and Lee’s in synch offensive unit and use of the paint, 34-46. Fortunately the RCWB team has high hopes for the tournament this weekend at Gilford College where they will meet a team from Queens, NY (York College) in the first round. Come out and support the RCWB team in their home game on the 20th at 6:00pm.