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Finals Tips


Nathaniel Rioux

Around this time of year most students are looking forward to the month long winter break signaling the end of the fall semester. Now before we all can get there, we have three weeks of classes and finals that we all have to get through before we can enjoy our holiday break. Here a few tips to make the best of these final weeks.

Start writing papers now.  Even though some papers may not be due till the last day of class, the best thing to do is to spread the workload out over a longer duration rather than doing the work the night before. While cramming for papers may seem like the only option, it’s not. Even starting a paper with just a small goal of thirty minutes of writing a day will get that paper done in less time than you think.

Always ask the professor if you need any help.  Professors are here to help you and they want nothing more than to see their students rise to their full potential. That being said, don’t expect them to conjure up miracles to improve your grade at the last second. Start asking questions now if you have concerns about your grade, rather than waiting till the last second.

Take time for yourself.  With all the work associated with these final weeks, playtime and social time may seem like something that will have to wait, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be. What this means is schedule break periods into your work schedule so if you have some time to relax. Want to play two hours of video games? Use your planner to block out that period for yourself, as long as you understand that you have to also block out the time needed to complete your homework.

Get some sleep!  Sleep is important.  Most students are familiar with all-nighters to the point that most parents assume we never sleep during finals. Studying is important, but sleeping is a necessary part of life.  If you cram before a test, you will be taking the test as a sleep deprived student.  The better option is to sleep and relax and take the test as a refreshed student.

Maintain a healthy diet.  Eating is another thing that is often disregarded when students begin these final weeks. Eating properly is very important due to various factors; one of the biggest factors is energy consumption. During these weeks, many students are pushed to new limits, and eating right will make you less likely to burn out and crash. Remember, three full, balanced meals a day can go a long way.  Be sure to also stay hydrated as well.

Keep these tips in mind and everything will be fine.  Good luck on exams!