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ABC’s “Revenge” Mid-Season


Christy Blevins

ABC’s hit series “Revenge” aired its winter finale on Sunday, December 2.  Full of more twists and turns, “Revelations” introduced some major developments for the revenge plot of Emily and left audiences savoring Hamptons hijinks until 2013.

From the start of the season it was apparent that Emily had even more plot twists up her sleeve, but even the Emily can’t control everything as that becomes apparent in this episode. The episode starts at a skeet-shooting event in which Victoria and Conrad Grayson are, for lack of a better description, buttering up Salvador Grobet, a Grayson Global board member. It just so happens that Grobet’s vote is important enough that it basically determines whether Conrad or Daniel is the company’s CEO.  If that isn’t enough for Grobet to handle, Emily and Aiden are also there trying to get Grobet to back Daniel so they have a direct connection to the menacing group that dares to threaten the Grayson’s, the Initiative.  And as always, Nolan is by Emily’s side seemingly playing the sidekick role, but shockingly he has taken matters into his own hands and has a plan involving Daniel making a play to own half of NolCorp.

Moving out of the “friendly” reunion of the skeet-shooting, Nolan arrives at Grayson Global to hear an offer from Daniel, only to walk into the conference room to see his (Nolan’s) former CFO, Marco, on the side of Daniel. Nolan’s plan backfires as Marco discloses information about an offshore bank account that was drained. (Last episode we learned this was the bank account Emily’s/ the real Amanda’s father left his money in, which is now all hers.) Daniel being just as diabolical as his father threatens to launch a criminal investigation of NolCorp unless he signs over a controlling 51% to Grayson Global. Nolan does, but does he still have a card to play? In the end of the episode, Marco reappears at NolCorp demanding for his position back.

Back to our main “Revenge” plot of the show. Emily is getting closer to Aiden and we finally see some weakness of hers in which she’s afraid that people like her and Aiden will never be happy.  She and Aiden are stalking Daniel through their secret cameras and hear Ashley telling Daniel he shouldn’t trust Aiden because he has too much influence on the Grayson Global board members.  Daniel is always easily manipulated so he calls Aiden and shuts him out of the deal; Emily then cryptically states “We turn Daniel against Ashley.”  There are only a few ways to do this in “Revenge” and this time it involved a sex scandal tape with no one other than Conrad Grayson. This is sent to Victoria, who, going against Emily’s predicted thought out plan, uses the video to convince Ashley to sleep with Grobet to secure the vote for Conrad. Talk about Scandals.

We’ll all this backfires on Victoria and Ashley because Aiden and Emily hatch another plan. Aiden calls Daniel to a meeting in a hotel and pretty much tells him Ashley is “persuading” Grobet. Daniel runs in; face flushed, yelling and taking a picture for blackmail to secure his own vote. However, one good thing came from this; Ashley is ruined and gone from the Grayson house. For now anyway.

Ending the episode as cryptically as it started, Daniel blackmails his way into being voted as CEO of Grayson Global, Emily now has an “in”, NolCorp is up in the air, and the Initiative is watching Daniel through a video camera , and alludes to their mysterious plan with a menacing question, “Everything is in place. Shall we put the plan to a vote?”

The wait for 2013 continuation of “Revenge” has just begun and the show leaves watchers begging for more from the previews. The haunting scene of Emily kissing Daniel shocked audiences into exclaiming, “Are Daniel and Emily getting back together?”